We moved

We moved but our old house is still for sale. I’m freaking out a bit as I make my house payment today …

The new house is DIRTY — something we never saw when we visited it. GROSSLY dirty and I am not loving it. I have opened my 25th gallon of paint and still have half of the house to finish. I’m beat!

i have everybody praying and crossing everything that Shamrock Street sells ASAP. Until then, double yard work, double payments, double stress. But we always have the fire pit to sit around because we got it set up tonight.



Signed off on the new house

At 2:30 today we officially signed off on the new house and it records tomorrow. I’ve been an anxiety freaking riddled mess for weeks but it’s over and done with now.

No turning back.

Now we need to sell shamrock street.

I need to get settled down and settled into the new house. This was the worst experience I’ve had in years. I’ve hated every anxiety minute of it. Hopefully my panic attacks with stop now.

Now we need to sell shamrock street.

Now we need to sell shamrock street.

Now we need to sell shamrock street.


Open house

I’m just finishing up my final touches before tomorrows crazy day:

0830 run in eagle River.

1130 hair cut.

12:45 chiropractor.

1-4 open house but all with dogs have to be gone.

2 pm doctor appointment for Genevieve.

Home after 4.

We also have an open house Sunday.

I’m so stressed feeling and I’m ready to be moved. I can’t wait to settle into Old Harbor.

Genevieve and I spent an hour cleaning out the flower beds in the front — prepping to move some plants and get the hops in the ground.



We are moving! Our house goes on the market on July 20th. We close on the new house on the first week in August. Everything happened so fast … I’m hoping the same goes for the sale of this house — the faster the better and then it will be less stressful.

We have spent two weeks thinning and sprucing up the house. It’s shocking how much time all the dinky projects take. I will not let this happen again.

Moving is stressful. Very stressful. We are all sick now, too.

Below are some fun photos I found, interspersed with some current images of the mess and stress.


Scared. Excited. Petrified. Moving?

We might be moving. This all happened so quickly that is still freaking me out. After dropping Kassidy off after Ren Fair one night, Sally told me there was a house for sale on her street so we went to have a look. It happened to be one of my favorite houses on the street. The style is very old (1956 — disclosures says Craftsman, but quite doubtful) and quite unique. The lot is 0.88 acres. There’s a huge garage/tandem and a large workshop 3-car. We were smitten with it. It’s almost the size as our house (well, 500 square feet more) and the greenhouse is attached to the house. It’s not as open but we can get it opened up with some work.

Here are some photos of our current house from June 2018. If/when we move, I’ll post photos of the new house.


Alaska Run for Women


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We had a great time and I’m so grateful to be healthy and able to do this run with beautiful, strong and healthy women. I’m currently at 17 years, but in four months I’ll be at 18 years — as a survivor. The race was emotional, but not the same raw emotion I had years ago. It was great to be there with all the support of friends!




Lava = Kapoho Tide Pools are Gone!



I am so grateful we were able to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, get rained on, snorkel while getting poured on, drink champagne, warm up at the house, and walk the lava fields. Unfortunately,  this entire area is now gone.

I found the tidal pools at Kapoho to be more spectacular than Two-Step, but I especially loved that we were with Meg and Antionette and enjoying a completely different side of the island.

Mother Natural has reclaimed her previous gift.

Goodbye, Kapoho.